Pinch Gourmet Employee Retention Strategies

The basis for recruitment, hiring, training, compensation and career advancement at Pinch Gourmet is qualifications, performance, skills and experience.

We give equal opportunity to all our team members to constantly learn and develop their skills further.

The 7 crucial Employee Retention strategies we are focused on, since opening of Pinch Gourmet are following:

  1. Hire the right person at the start
  2. Salary and benefits must be competitive
  3. Have leaders, not bosses
  4. Make employee engagement possible
  5. Incentive/Reward and Recognition program
  6. Be a brand they can be proud of
  7. Be generous with time off.

Pinch Gourmet is proud of its achievements so far.

Employee Retention Rate
2018 100%
2019 168.75%
Employee Turnover Rate
2018 13.24%
2019 12.24%
Code Of Ethics

The Pinch Gourmet will conduct its business honestly and ethically wherever we operate. We will constantly improve the quality of our services, products and operations and will create a reputation for honesty, fairness, respect, responsibility, integrity, trust and sound business judgment.

No illegal or unethical conduct on the part of CEO, Director, Managers and Employees or affiliates is in the company’s best interest. Pinch Gourmet will not compromise its principles for short-term advantage. The ethical performance of this company is the sum of the ethics of all the employees who work here. Thus, we are all expected to adhere to high standards of personal integrity. CEO, Director, Managers and Employees of the company must never permit their personal interests to conflict, or appear to conflict, with the interests of the company, its clients, or affiliates.

  • Ethics
  • Moral 
  • Business Code
  • Philosopy
  • Values

We are advocates for Pinch Gourmet by engaging in activities that enhance its credibility and value. We commit to keeping honest books and records, and never trade on inside information.

Note: Pinch Gourmet reserves the right to amend this policy at any time. This policy serves as an addition to the current Pinch Gourmet Employee Handbook/page 4, and serves to elaborate the Human rights policies we strongly believe in.